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Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd

Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd carries out a range of certification and consumer protection activities all of which promote sustainable energy. Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd's activities fall under two headings: consumer codes and certification schemes.


Latest News:

  • The 2015 European Biopolymer Summit

    The 2015 European Biopolymer Summit 9th & 10th December 2015, London The 2015 European Biopolymer Summit will be bringing together key industry experts to discuss the latest strategies and methods to overcome current challenges, and maximise opportunities. The conference will address how the industry will evolve, current trends, how to respond to the changes of the market and the growing demand from end users. Over the two days, the event will bring you insights into end users expectations and environmental approaches, amongst others...

    Posted: 21 October, 2015

  • Biomethane ‘green’ gas is growing contender in UK renewable energy market

    The injection of renewable or “green” gas into UK networks has been growing rapidly – and there are now 28 biomethane to grid projects connected to the gas distribution network, transforming food, brewery and agricultural wastes and energy crops into ultra-clean energy. These plants have the capacity to produce 1.8 billion kilowatt hours of gas per year, enough to meet the heating and cooking needs of around 100,000 homes. Biomethane injected into the gas grid, helps decarbonise gas supply in just the same way as renewable electricity decarbonises power generation...

    Posted: 27 January, 2015